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Fruit Trees - Multi Grafted Fruit Trees
These fruit trees have more than one variety of fruit grafted onto the same tree. They are ideal for small space gardening and for those who want to sample many flavors. They also give the advantage of a prolonged ripening season. The combinations listed across the page represent the varieties initially grafted.  The actual finished varieties are dependent on how the grafts take in the growing field.
4 in 1 Apple - Fuji, Gala, Golden Delicious,Granny Smith
4 in 1 Apple - Fuji, Gala, Gold Delicious, Red Delicious
4 in 1 Apricot - Blenheim, Katy, Royal Rosa, Tomcat or Flavor Delight Aprium
4 in 1 Cherry - Bing, Black Tartarian, Lapins, Van
4 in 1 Nectarine-Peach
(White Flesh) 
Arctic Supreme Peach, Babcock Peach, White Lady Peach, Arctic Rose Nectarine, Heavenly White Nectarine
4 in 1 Nectarine Peach
(Yellow Flesh) 
These varieties also have showy flowers. Double Delight Nectarine, Fantasia Nectarine, Mid Pride Peach, Red Baron Peach, Saturn Peach
4 in 1 Peach - Babcock, Goldust, July Elberta, Scarlet Robe, Strawberry Free
4 in 1 Pear - Warren, Keiffer, Harrow Delight & Blake’s Pride
4 in 1 ASIAN PEAR -
Chojuro, Shinseiki, Hosui & 20th Century  
4 in 1 Plum - Beauty, Elephant Heart, Laroda, Late Santa Rosa, Nubiana
4 in 1 Pluot - Dapple Dandy, Flavor King, Flavor Queen, Flavor Supreme

Blenheim Apricot, Fantasia Nectarine, Babcock Peach, July Elberta Peach, or Santa Rosa Plum

6 in 1 ESPALIERED APPLE 3 Tier - Braeburn, Fuji, Gala, Golden Delicious, Gravenstein, Red Delicious
6 in 1 ESPALIERED CHERRY 3 Tier - Bing, Black, Tartarian, Lapins, Stella, Chinook, Corum
6 in 1 ESPALIERED PEAR 3 Tier - Bartlett, Comice, Bosc, D' Anjou, Red D' Anjou, Flemish Beauty

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